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Our Health and Well-Being

Welcome all to my new blogspot. My endeavours are to cover a wide range of health & wellness and beauty & care topics that are on everyone’s minds. On this blog there will be health news and tips, fun and delicious recipes, product information, product tips and uses, and much more.

Health and Wellness is a lifestyle that is the core essence of achieving balance in one’s life between mind, body, and emotional being. Our health and well-being is something we need to value and take seriously. Yet, in this fast-paced world, many look for shortcuts to achieving “good health”. We all make choices and they may be good or poor. Unfortunately, in today’s world it is full of “fast and convenient” things, processed, artificial, inorganic, toxic, high-tech, on-demand, and constant high stress in an extremely fast-paced lifestyle. This is a recipe for unhealthy living, affecting our nerves and emotions, causing imbalance in all areas of life. But if we work hard to conscientiously control these things instead of letting them control us, we are on our way to healthy living, full of vibrancy and longevity, with healthier choices. It is not a fad or phase but should rather be a way of life. Having good health is not only a matter of cure, but is a form of prevention and protection.

In matters of our good health and wellness, there are certain principles that contribute to it positively if respected:

  • The way we think
  • The way we breathe
  • What we drink
  • What we eat
  • The quality and quantity of our sleep
  • The types of exercises
  • Types of detoxification
  • Our environmental surroundings

Balance in our lifestyle is necessary to achieve optimal health as well as taking the time to understand how our bodies and minds work together. If we want to look good on the outside, we need to feel good on the inside. Optimal health is only achieved from the inside working its way to the out. However, much of our food intake is not always properly supplied with the nutrients to optimize our health, therefore making it necessary to add nutritional supplements and other natural remedies. As well, our bodies are constantly being bombarded with environmental pollution, bacteria of many forms that weakened immune systems cannot cope with, inherent weaknesses, the effects of improper diet, and physical, emotional and mental stresses. What we put in our bodies should also be complemented by using ‘clean’ materials that protect our nervous and endocrine systems, among others. Proper food regimen and regular exercise are one of the key roles in achieving and maintaining good health.  Yet, we also need to recognize that we need to look after ourselves on the whole, both inside and out. This is why it is vital to ‘listen’ to our bodies and strive to heal from the root of our situations instead of just masking over symptoms.

Our attitude and views in life affect our mentality and dispositions whether we realize it or not. By keeping positive and focused when dealing with different situations in our lives, we help ourselves to stay mentally and emotionally happy, as well as physically healthy…with clarity in our thinking as well. Dwelling on negativity only contributes to unhappiness, weakened immune systems, and foggy thinking. As the old adage says, “It always takes less energy to smile than to frown”.

A healthy life is a happy life!

Thanks for stopping by today. Please come back and visit!

Best in health,


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