“Reflection of the Day”

simple thingsIt’s true what is said that the best things in life are free.  With so many pressures in life sometimes it’s difficult to remember that there is more to life than work and worry. But it can be easier to accept that life will have its ups and downs and we must all take them as they come. It takes integrity and depth to look past the superficial things and see the true heart in things, and nothing has more heart than realizing the simple pleasures in life. Whether it be sitting with a tea and reading a book, taking a peaceful walk and enjoy nature, talking to a friend about the good things in life, reflecting on happy times, treasuring friendship, or just trying out a new hobby, etc; there are things that can make us happy inside and does not cost a thing. Maybe we even do these things on a daily basis and may not fully realize how blessed we really are. Let’s try to make each day the best day we can! Let’s try to encourage each other as much as possible. In this world of negatives, let’s make it brighter and positive bit by bit. Make today count.

So what makes you happy? Let’s talk … the comment box is waiting for you 🙂

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