Organic, Natural, and Therapeutic Skin, Body, and

Hair Care Products, Essential Oils

AqThermal Montegrimano Thermae Spa

Pranarôm (Diffusers, Essential Oils and Bases, Synergies, and more)



Jardins La V’al Heureuse

Carina Organics

Botanical Therapeutics

Newco Natural Technology

Erba Vita Antica Hair Care

Kalaya Naturals


GenFiore Natural & Organic Makeup Line

HImalayan Salt Full Product Line

… and many more

Alternative Natural Healthcare Services Inc.
157 Main Street Unionville, Suite B-101, Unionville ON  L3R 2G9


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One thought

  1. Hello Sales

    I would like to purchase some of your products, before we proceed i would like to make some queries below. Do you accept Master Card or Visa Card ? Yes / No Can my freight forwarder come for the pick up of my order directly from your facility to us Belize City, Belize ? Yes / No I will appreciate if you return to us by email in-order to proceed. Looking forward to your quick response.

    Best Regards,
    Darren Reyna
    568 Orange St
    Belize City,Hopkins
    Tel : +1(828) 435-2643


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