Be A Sunflower

Courtesy of Alternative Natural Healthcare Services Inc.

In uncertain times that so many are facing it’s important to stop and breathe. It’s important to stop and reflect on what is truly important. We all need material things to survive such as the basics of food, clothing, and shelter. Yet, unfortunately even these basics can be hard to come by during unstable and unsettling times.

But back to true reflection. When we stop to reflect and go introspective is when we begin to take stock of the most important things in life and how to be able to achieve these things. First and foremost the most important thing that we do need is inner peace. And this can be hard to focus on when everything around us seems to be chaotic and this chaos tries to draw everyone in to its never ending whirlwind.

Are they long gone the days such as when our forefathers raised their families with a sense of loyalty, courage, togetherness, and community, supporting one another? Remember the saying “It takes a village to raise a child”? The break down of society begins with breaking down the family unit. What made a village strong was their sense of connection and support — sticking together no matter what.

Are those days long gone or can we still build our communities in the same way as our forefathers did? Yes we can! Humans were not designed to be alone. We were created with the sense of family and connection. Human connection and human touch are what make our health — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually — THRIVE and BE HEALTHY.

What can we do to rebuild these connections again? Most often our biggest lessons come from the nature around us. Let’s take a look at the simple yet beautiful sunflower. Sunflowers thrive in the sunlight. They need sun to survive. They stand tall and they are sturdy and beautiful. Sunflowers are resilient. And there’s a good reason for this. Because while the sun is out they follow it and absorb its strong energy and then grow. But when it becomes cloudy and the sun doesn’t shine the sunflowers turn to each other. When it is grey and gloomy sunflowers turn to each other. They support one another and give off energy to each other. If sunflowers do this naturally what stops us as human beings from doing this with one another?

In any kind of human relationship it is not entirely possible for each individual to give 100% all the time, especially at the same time. But if we work together we can all give 100% and we can rub off on each other and share our energy. As they say, “Energy begets energy”. Support and encourage one another. Especially in trying times we need ever so much more to be there for each other instead of turning our backs on one another. Not everyone complains loudly. But we need to be observant and listen well. Everyone is important and everyone has something important to offer. Whether it be services, experience, a helping hand, we can lift each other up one way or the other.

These days many people are having a hard time even putting food on their table and being able to work and pay their bills. But yet they keep going on and try to find ways to survive these rough waters. Do you know somebody going through this? Maybe you yourself are going through this. Every little bit counts and making sure that we communicate with each other and look out for one another is vital to life. Is there something that we can do to support one another and find avenues to help others get through together?

One of the most basic and helpful things to start with is when you ask someone how they are and actually listen to what they say. Asking how someone is should not be just a formality.

Can we network and help each other out with even just little things to be able to lift some type of a burden off of each other?

Let’s start this conversation and remember the human family needs one another. All it takes is that extra support and loving kindness that will lift somebody and give that boost physically, mentally, and emotionally. Knowing that you’re not alone and knowing that we are trying to lift each other up and not push or tear each other down can give one courage and inner strength.

So let’s each one of us be a sunflower. A field of sunflowers radiate beauty, strength, and light. Togetherness creates strength, unity, and positive growth. Shine in the face of adversity. This is what family is.

Let’s hear your thoughts.

And I will start by asking — How are YOU?

Wishing you the best in health, light, and love.


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