Immune System Response and COVID-19

What is a virus? A virus is a simple DNA wrapped in a lipid protein shell that protects it. And as long as that shell is in tact, that is when the DNA is viable. Simple things such as washing our hands will break down that outer shell so that the information in that virus is no longer viable. The SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 outbreak, is an enveloped virus and therefore the easiest to kill of the three types of viruses. Therefore, proper hygiene will protect us! And as just mentioned, washing hands properly is just one of the important ways. (Another future article we will discuss all the ways of proper hygiene and care).

Many have thought this specific virus has spikes around its sphere. However, it has come to better understanding that the spikes under the microscope look more like protrusions. They do not look like sharp spikes. Those protrusions are looking for places on the exterior of our cells which are called receptors. These receptors act in cell signaling by receiving (binding to) extracellular molecules. They are specialized integral membrane proteins that allow communication between the cell and the extracellular space. If cells communicate properly within our bodies there will be harmonious balance, which in turn will allow our bodies to fight against any foreign invaders. These viruses are looking for a place to station themselves.

There are many supplements and natural, alternative medicines that are anti-viral. For example, Chinese medicinal herbs such as mushrooms work to boost the immune system and help it to fight and strengthen. The Agaricus mushroom, Turkey Tail and some Reishi mushrooms have anti-viral and antibacterial effects. They have immunostimulatory effects, hepatoprotective (liver protection), anti-viral activity, cardiovascular and pulmonary, among many other benefits.

Many supplements from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), homeopathy, Gemmotherapy, herbal tinctures, vitamins and minerals, provide the same for our bodies.

Yin Chiao (TCM formula combination of honeysuckle plant components and forsythia) was widely used in 2003 during the SARS epidemic. It works to clear heat, expel wind, and eliminate toxins from the body. Removes phlegm, and circulates lung energy. Also, helps remove inflammation, especially in the lung and bronchial regions.

Astragalus root is another extremely amazing herb used for chronic respiratory infections, antiviral, antibacterial, and works in the digestive system that can cause the respiratory system to weaken as well. It is anti-inflammatory. All disease (dis-ease) stems from inflammation within our systems. The pH level is more acidic and thus will be prone to immune system compromise.

The following two gemmotherapy remedies, especially in combination with each other, are antiviral, antibacterial, stimulate and reinforces the body’s natural defenses, and quickly relieve respiratory infections (tracheitis, bronchitis, allergies):

  • Alnus Glutinosa (European Alder buds) acts on suppurative and inflammatory stages. Remedy for the whole ear, nose and throat (ENT) sphere, particularly bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, tracheitis, flu and even pleuropneumonia.
  • Populus nigra (Black poplar buds): Remedy for the respiratory sphere (acute infections): tracheitis, bronchitis, abdominal angina, thrombo-angiolitis.

Vitamin C is essential for our immune system response. When exposed to a viral infection, the need for vitamin C is increased. Vitamin C at sufficiently high doses can prevent viral disease and greatly speed recovery from an acute viral infection. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties which promote a reducing environment in our bloodstream and tissues. This will enhance our body’s response to oxidative stress from inflammation. In turn, will help fight microbial and viral infection that would continue to multiply in stressful conditions.

Vitamin C inhibits the multiplication of viruses of widely different structures, i.e., regardless of enveloped or non-enveloped, double-stranded DNA or single-stranded RNA genome, and regardless whether the replication and transcription of the viral genome occur in the nucleus or in the cytoplasm of the infected cells.

Zinc Picolinate is one of the best forms of zinc. It is an acid form that our bodies can absorb more easily than any other form of zinc. Because of this it can permeate better throughout the system as it passes through our intestinal membranes, into our bloodstream and then into our individual cells. Zinc Picolonate is essential for our immune system and specifically protects and fights against respiratory infections, colds and flu, helps the body rid itself of toxins, among many other health benefits. When combined with Vitaminc C and D3, the combination creates an immune system powerhouse.

Vitamin D3 is also essential because it is an important immune system regulator. The immune system defends the body from foreign, invading organisms, and promotes protective immunity while protecting our healthy cells without harm. Low Vitamin D is linked to compromised immune function.

The reason these all work is because they blunt those protrusions or deactivate those proteins so that even though they find that human cell they cannot communicate with that cell. They are meaningless to us, and thus we’re not infected by the virus. This virus does not speak the same language as our cell receptors. The stronger our cell receptors are and the communication of our healthy cells within our bodies.

By having a strong immune system, one’s chances of succumbing to and getting sick or dying from this virus are very slim.

However, many people are immune-compromised and don’t know it. Smoking is a factor. Diabetes is a factor. Obesity is a factor. Asthma and heart conditions, are factors. Having chemotherapy and radiation compromise the immune system. These make up the vulnerable population. Yet this does not mean that they cannot be safe nor do something to protect themselves. Eat right, avoid sugar, and avoid smoking, would be just a few of the basics. Taking the proper supplementation will help boost their immune systems. (Of course, discuss with your medical advisor).

If we haven’t cared for our bodies and honoured our bodies and health, start now. Certain behaviours affect our health and immunity. Our lifestyle is the biggest and first and foremost contributor to good or bad health…strong or weak immunity.

Inflammation. Inflammation is what leads to disease (dis-ease). Once our adrenals are affected, our cortisol will either be depleted or elevated. Either way our immune systems will be compromised. Reducing inflammation will cause homeostasis – ability to maintain internal stability under any condition.

Our bodies are wonderfully made and designed to meet these challenges. Our bodies know what to do in all these cases. But how we train our systems to respond is essential. There has to be a balance.

An overly sterile environment affects how our system will fight. It will have nothing to work with and thus cause our immune systems to become lazy and vulnerable. An overly toxic and sick environment will cause an overload to our immune system and exhaust it if we do not use the right means to detoxify and alkalize the level of inflammation produced in our bodies. It will cause our lymph system to overload if it does not eliminate properly.

Our blood system needs to be clean. And our organs need to be clean to keep the blood clean. This is how toxins do not remain dormant in our bodies.

Our gut is a main part of our immune system. It is essential that the digestive system function well.

Our foundation will be strong and we can withstand the elements. Like our home, if it is built with a strong foundation, it will withstand whatever elements hit it.

Let’s all work together to maintain our hygiene, both physically, mentally, emotionally and dietary. Keep positive and focused during this interesting time we are all living it. Don’t allow yourself to panic as this will cause your adrenals to deplete and cortisol to rise and will have inflammation in the body and immune system weakened.

Be sure to eat well during times of less normal daily activity, keep moving and exercise, get lots of fresh air, open your windows to circulate healthy air movement, go outside for a little while (while of course maintaining the recommended ‘social distancing’, drink plenty of healthy fluids, as well as hot water to keep the throat clear of any infection that may try to set in. Laugh with your family as everyone knows laughter is the best medicine! It does keep our immune systems strong.

Keep healthy! Keep happy! Keep positive dear friends.

Wishing you all the best of health.

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