"Reflection of the Day"

In a matter of a very short time, Venice’s waterways have become clear again. The fish are visible and the swans came back. China has blue skies and no thick canopy of pollution overhead. The earth can heal. Cutting off factory and fuel emissions – toxic chemicals, fumes, and waste – can let the earth clean up. It’s the way God intended our home to be.

And we too are made up of the same natural elements of the earth. Imagine too if we took better care of our health by filling our bodies and surrounding ourselves with nature’s provisions. Not polluting our bodies inside and out and environment with toxic chemicals and inorganic materials our bodies cannot easily breakdown and remove. If the earth can show signs of healing in a short amount of time, imagine how well our bodies and health can do the same!

Sometimes we need to slow it down a little to able to stop and reflect on what’s really important. Let’s appreciate our Creator’s gift to us – our life and our home Earth.

Stay happy and healthy everyone!

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