Ways to Maintain Youthful Skin & Appearance

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and also the one which is most directly affected by the external environment. Your skin is a very important fact in the overall appearance of health and vitality. Perhaps surprisingly, observing some simple rules can reduce the appearance of skin aging:

Avoid over-washing your skin

  • Our skin has a miraculous protective layer of sebum. Overly zealous washing can strip this away leaving skin dry, irritated and unprotected. Use a gentle cleanser with tepid water no more than twice a day.

Avoid harsh weather

  • Extreme weather, either too hot or too cold, can affect your skin’s moisture barrier. Protect your skin with moisture retaining cream whenever your skin must face a harsh environment.

Avoid cigarette smoking

  • Smoking impairs blood circulation to the skin and causes oxidative cellular damage. On a macroscopic level, lip puckering and eye squinting involved in the action of smoking creates more facial wrinkles.

Be gentle with your skin

  • Squeezing pimples not only traumatizes the skin, it forces bacteria deeper into the skin tissue causing inflammation, infection and possible scarring. Use natural acne products that do not contain any chemicals or endocrine-disruptors.

Reduce stress

  • Who isn’t stressed in today’s society? Most of the stress we face on a day to day basis we can’t control, so let it go! Focus on the things you can change and above all be good to yourself, you deserve it!

Eat a balanced diet with sufficient Omega 3 EFAs

  • A diet with ample fruit and vegetables provides nutrients and anti-oxidants for your skin and whole body. All the cells in your body need, but cannot manufacture, Omega Fatty Acid (EFA – Essential Fatty Acids). So you must provide them in your healthy diet.

Rehydrate your skin

  • Rehydration of your skin must come from inside and out. Drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. Moisturize your skin no less than once day.

Avoid excessive sunlight

  • Excessive UV light exposure can break down skin’s natural elasticity and hasten natural aging. Be smart! Avoid the sun during the most harmful ray exposure times.

Healthy Skin Care Products

  • What we use on our skin will be absorbed into our body through our bloodstream and organs. Products best to use are what contain wholesome, natural ingredients that do are non-GMO, without any parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide, and more of such ingredients. If we want to take care of our inside health and watch what we put in it, the same must apply for our external health. A good principle to go by is if you can’t eat the ingredients safely then it should never be put on your body.

Winter time can be really harsh on our skin. Life is always on the go and sometimes we don’t stop to take time to rest and refresh ourselves. Let’s all try to promise ourselves to take a break for ourselves and do a little self-pampering. Some guys think this isn’t for them. But it is! So you guys out there … there are special products made just for you and your skin (because you have special skin too that is different than the ladies). And you need relaxing and special care too.

Go to my links below and see which product is made just for you! Place your orders for yourself or as a gift for someone special:

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Antica Erba Vita Hair Care – Safe for hair and skin

Have a happy day and stay warm and cozy on this cold winter day!

Best in health,





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